How to earn a Black Belt in Life?

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04 Jul


How to earn a Black Belt in Life?

*Black Belt in Life is the official slogan of CommonSensei.

black belt in life

What is a “Black belt in life and “Common Sensei” all about?!?🥋🤯

Bare bones–a Common Sensei is a teacher of common sense of course. However, at face value that definition doesn’t do the ideology real justice. You see, Common+Sensei is a conglomeration of my personal one-of-a-kind journey and philosophy. My kihon (fundamental) beliefs are rooted in Christianity and polished by the peace and tranquility of Zen. My methodology? A quirky spin on Japanese culture and lifestyle intertwined with traditional Western values. I’ve been blessed with “EXPERIENCE.” A ton of experience that is unique to only a Sensei.

My mission is to guide students to find their “way.” Quite frankly, I am sharing my secret to success: the balancing act of being healthy, wealthy, and wise. How to find your passion and make it a lifestyle. This is my friends is an exclusive inside look into my jo. The “end game” of course is, “Earning a black belt in life.” What is more important than self-mastery?

SENSEI SAYS: jo literally means “place of the way” not karate school. CommonSensei shares my way of life. (道) is pronounced like cookie “dough.”

ZENtastic approach to “living your best life.”

My “,” or Violosophy,” is “the way” i live my life — PERIOD. My blog, books, and classes are based on real life experience. Each belt you earn is structured to share that “way” whether as a big brother, friend, husband, mentor, leader or Sensei. It’s ZENtastic approach to “living your best life.”

black belt in life
“Black Belt in Life”

Common sense is “personal perception” of sound judgement…in a nonsensical world. My job is present you with a “instruction manual for life,” a blue print for success that will share with you all the things they should teach you in school, but don’t. Throughout the journey, you’ll earn different colored belts (Martial SMARTS) in subjects like setting goals, financial freedom, health, positive thinking, etc. I call these “HOW TO KICK A$$ @ life.” Everyone starts @ white belt and moves up the ladder at their own pace.

The final book / chapter will focus on how to balance your life-so you can live a fulfilling life in HARMONY. This is aptly titled, “HOW TO EARN A BLACK BELT IN LIFE.” In the end, this most important: How to be a champion of positive thinking or master of Personal development? CommonSensei is your life coach to reach this uncommon degree. The book series will help you prepare, plan, and take action to make your vision a reality.

Black Belt in Life

black belt in life book

Common sense is really a contradiction. Experience is limited, so let me share my failures, triumphs, and advise. Common sense is supposed to be held by a large number of people… If that was true, there would be no need for my book.

It is sometimes said, common sense is very rare.

Voltaire, Dictionnaire Philosophique (1764)

I like to think of this work as the “Instruction manual for life.”

The book by Bill Viola Jr., positioned as a guide to achieving a warrior’s mindset, appears particularly beneficial for teenagers for several reasons:

  1. Self-Improvement: It advocates for dedicating a small, manageable amount of time each day (864 seconds) towards self-improvement. This structured approach to personal growth is something teenagers can easily integrate into their daily routines, encouraging consistent, incremental progress without feeling overwhelmed.
  2. Developing a Warrior’s Mindset: The book aims to instill a warrior’s mindset in its readers, promoting qualities like resilience, discipline, and focus. For teenagers navigating the complexities of adolescence, these qualities can be particularly empowering, helping them face challenges with confidence and determination.
  3. Balance and Self-Reflection: Through the principles of martial arts, the book encourages balance and self-reflection. Teenagers learning to balance desires, necessities, careers, and relationships can benefit from this holistic approach to life, promoting mental and emotional well-being alongside physical and academic achievements.
  4. Life Skills: The curriculum provided by the book equips teenagers with essential life skills necessary to excel in various aspects of life. It goes beyond traditional academic learning, addressing personal development and practical skills that are crucial for real-world success.
  5. Relatability to Younger Generations: The content is specifically tailored to be engaging and accessible to younger readers, making the lessons relatable and applicable to their lives. This can be especially appealing to teenagers who might be skeptical of traditional self-help literature.
  6. Foundation for Future Success: By adopting the principles outlined in the book, teenagers can lay a strong foundation for future success in personal, academic, and professional endeavors. The focus on continuous self-improvement and excellence can inspire a lifelong pursuit of growth and achievement.

In essence, the book offers teenagers a unique blend of martial arts philosophy and practical life skills, making it a valuable resource for those looking to navigate the challenges of adolescence with strength, wisdom, and grace.

Common Sensei is all these things an more:

  • How To
  • Self Help
  • Self-improvement
  • Personal development
  • Personal growth
  • Character development
  • Life Skills
  • Street Smarts
  • Self-awareness
  • Self-Confidence
  • Vision
  • Success
  • Wisdom

Title: Unraveling the Wisdom of Common Sensei: Insights into Everyday Mastery

In the realm of martial arts, the figure of the sensei commands reverence and respect. Traditionally, the sensei embodies wisdom, discipline, and skill, guiding their students along the path of mastery. However, beyond the dojo walls, another kind of sensei exists—one whose domain extends far beyond the martial arts studio and into the everyday fabric of life. This is the sensei of common sense, whose teachings are as practical as they are profound.

What exactly is common sensei? It’s not a title bestowed upon an individual by tradition or training; rather, it’s a concept that embodies the wisdom of navigating life’s complexities with clarity, intuition, and practicality. Common sensei doesn’t reside solely in the domain of martial arts dojos or philosophical treatises; it’s found in the everyday actions and insights of ordinary people.

At its core, common sensei is about making sound judgments and decisions based on practical wisdom and experience. It’s the ability to discern what is right, what is true, and what is most beneficial in any given situation. While common sense is often touted as something innate, it’s also a skill that can be cultivated and honed over time.

One of the hallmarks of common sensei is adaptability. Life is unpredictable, and challenges often arise when least expected. The common sensei understands this and approaches each situation with flexibility and resilience. They know when to stand firm and when to yield, when to act decisively and when to exercise patience.

Moreover, common sensei is deeply rooted in empathy and understanding. It’s about seeing the world through the eyes of others and responding with compassion and kindness. In a world fraught with division and discord, the wisdom of the common sensei reminds us of our shared humanity and the importance of treating others with dignity and respect.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of common sensei is its universality. It knows no boundaries of age, gender, race, or social status. Whether you’re a seasoned elder or a wide-eyed youth, whether you hail from bustling metropolises or sleepy rural towns, the principles of common sensei are accessible to all.

In a time when the world seems increasingly complex and bewildering, the wisdom of the common sensei offers a beacon of clarity and guidance. It reminds us that amidst the chaos and confusion, there is still room for reason and understanding. By embracing the teachings of common sensei, we can navigate the challenges of life with grace and wisdom, forging a path towards greater fulfillment and meaning.

In the end, perhaps the greatest lesson of the common sensei is that wisdom is not the exclusive domain of the elite or the learned—it’s something that resides within each and every one of us, waiting to be discovered and nurtured. So let us heed the call of the common sensei, and embark on the journey towards greater insight, understanding, and mastery of the everyday.

Common Sensei will guide you to be a black belt in life:

  • Intellectually
  • Financially
  • Emotionally
  • Spiritually

common sensei
Common Sensei

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