Navigation Settings

Navigation Settings

TheBookstore allows you to have the complete control over your navigation area. Here the exciting features begin. Now you have the option to Enable / Disable the default header style for all the pages. If you disable the option from here then you need to manage the header style manually from every page.

There are 3 uniquer header styles built in the theme. Just you need to select the header style of your choice Just click the header style you wish and save the changes. Some of the header style allows you to upload the BG image for the header that will be covered as background image for the selected header. You can also set the opacity for the header.

You can turn On/Off the sticky header from there easily by the switch button. Plus you can Enable / Disable. Also you have the complete control over the top bar where you can easily Turn Off the top bar from the options.

If you want to have the One page navigation site then you need to turn On the one page navigation option from here which will allow you to built the single page layout.

Also you can manage the Top bar left and right text from here easily by the given fields.

Also you can turn On / Off the breadcrumbs from the provided button in the theme options.

Navigation Settings

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